UCMed mission

UCMed mission in 10 words:

1) NETWORKING. UCMed operates to strenghten networks of professionals and producers: hotel and restaurant managers, farmers, breeders, veterinaries, agronomists, nutritionists, tour operators in the Sorrento Peninsula, South of Italy, the Mediterranean region.

2) QUALITY. UCMed Spreads the culture of total quality to increase competitiveness of goods and services.

3) CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. UCMed is convinced that strong economic systems like Italy can afford the costs of a territorial responsibility towards the community and the environment, in order to be more competitive on international markets and, at the same time, to act as a good example for other countries to follow.

4) INTERCULTURE: UCMed wants to favor the encounter of the different gastronomy cultures in Italy, in the Mediterranean region and in the world.

5) EDUCATION: Obesity and malnutrition in general are plagues that must be fought with every mean, especially education. UCMed tries to educate people on how to follow an healthy diet and to make them aware of the effects and causes of food abuse, adulteration, allergies and intolerances.

6- 7) KNOWLEDEGE and AWARENESS: a specialized library and free seminars are part of UCMed policy to encourage students, food-lovers, experts, housewives to increase their knowledge in gastronomy, wine, food traditional production, and to be aware of global issues like international trade, food sovereignty, food waste.

8) TRAINING: UCMed supplies vocational training for all the future professionals involved in the sectors of cooking, gastronomy, wine, accommodation, food production and tourism in general; moreover UCMed supplies training services on management, communication, innovation, culture of hospitality to entrepreneurs.

9) COOKING SCHOOL: UCMed aims to become one of the Italian great gastronomy schools, which can offer a top specialization level to chefs coming from every corner of the Mediterranean region to learn, teach and exchange recipes and secrets. UCMed also organises cooking classes for beginners and food-lovers.

10) PROMOTION: promotion of real made in Italy food products, which meet UCMed standards, thus preventing the unloyal competition of the “Italian sounding products”.

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