UCMed is also:

a) a vocational training centre, accredited by Campania regional government. Thevocational training centrepremises are located by the amazingGrand Hotel Conca Park, a mix of tradition and innovation inSorrento, whose owners are among the first and most convinced promoters ofUCMed

b) the leading partner of a Campania region Pole for Technical Training called “Campania in 3B”, which includes 55 institutional and business partners in 6 provinces around Italy, including the prestigious food district of Parma.

UCMed delivers training services to a wide range of students: professionals, school teachers, hotel and restaurants managers, food lovers, or even tourists who want to enjoy a few hours (or days) food experience.


UCMed SLOW COOKING philosophy: no matter who’s joining UCMed classes, our philosophy will based on three pillars:

a) to know: history, tradition, territories, old and new techniques of food

b) to know how: to put in practice the techniques to cook

c) to know how to be: we encourage UCMed students to become proud sponsor of the cuisine fine art and of the Italian and Mediterranean food culture and diversity.

And, last but not least, UCMed welcomes the visitors who can spend just a few days in Sorrento to take part to our “Cook & Smile” classes

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